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Practical Life Exercises

For younger children, there is something special about tasks that adults think ordinary such as washing dishes, polishing shoes and peeling vegetables. These exercises are exciting to children because they allow them to imitate adults. In this area of the classroom, children learn to respect themselves and their environment. Children develop good working habits as they finish each task and put away all materials before beginning another activity.

  • Develops coordination

  • Concentration

  • Organization

  • Time management

  • Social skills


Sensorial Exercises

The sensorial materials in the Montessori classroom help children to distinguish, categorize, and relate to new information in a way they already know. Children don't learn just through listening - they also learn through touching, seeing, tasting, and exploring. Our program provides projects that allow children to learn through all of their senses while adding in fun and laughter!



It is proven that if children are exposed to mathematic materials in their early years, they can easily assimilate many facts and skills of arithmetic. These same skills are harder to achieve if introduced later in a child's development. Children in a Montessori classroom never sit down to memorize addition, subtraction and multiplication tables. They instead learn to perform these operations with concrete materials such as blocks, number rods and beads.


Large wooden puzzle maps are among the most popular activities in the classroom. Gradually, they learn the names of the countries, the climate and products of different places.

Language Arts

Children learn the phonetic sounds of letters before they learn alphabetical names. Even simple rhymes, games and conversations with friends can help develop a child's language skills. Reading instruction begins on the day a child wants to know what a word means, or when he or she shows interest in a Montessori activity using sandpaper letters. Children are encouraged to explore books for answers to their own questions.

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