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Posted October 6, 2011


I am lost on what to say; there are so many excellent things about this school. I went to this school since I was almost three. I knew no English at all; I only knew Vietnamese. But the amazing and friendly teachers there helped me learn this language for my future. The way that the students learn there is just smart. They play while they learn. Every month, there is a new theme that the teachers set up, such as Butterflies, a month when the children learn about butterflies. They also serve very healthy snacks, such as fruits and vegetables. They read daily to the kids, and play exciting games for young kids, such as "Copy Cat", and "Where is the doggy's bone". They teach kids fun songs to sing as well, such as "Good Morning". I currently attend the Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies, and this school helped me achieve this goal. I would recommend this school to anyone.



Posted May 26, 2011


My daughter joined Red Mountain Montessori Academy at 3 years old. She's an only child and I wanted her to have the opportunity to learn along side children of other ages. This was a wonderful environment for her. The directors and teachers are wonderful and have often provided me with encouragement as a parent. My daugheter loved her teachers, the learning opportunities and the friends she made here. She's ready and eager to move on to the next level, thanks to RMMA. 
—Submitted by a parent


Posted April 20, 2009


I have had both my daughters attend here and found it to be an excellent school. We valued RMMA because of its close proximity to where we live in Mesa, and for its high quality educational care. My girls are leaving there to continue their educational career armed not only with the basic reading, writing, and math skills, but also social skills, a love for the environment and animals as well. I felt easy dropping them off every day knowing they were in a safe and caring place. They always looked forward to going there and were seldom happy to leave. 
—Submitted by a parent


Posted December 28, 2004


Great school... Quality education from a wonderful teaching staff. Costly but worth every penny. 
—Submitted by a parent

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